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ViewScan™ Visible Earwax Cleaning Otoscope

ViewScan™ Visible Earwax Cleaning Otoscope

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Remove earwax buildup safely and effectively with the ViewScan™ Visible Earwax Cleaning Otoscope! Our ear wax cleaning tool is completely efficient and safe to use, allowing you to get rid of excess wax at your own home.


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Isabelle Bailey, USA

"If you’re like me and struggle with being able to clean your own ears because you can’t see them, you need the ViewScan™ Visible Earwax Cleaning Otoscope! The camera is way better than I expected. Amazing clarity! The image is honestly on par with some borescope cameras that cost considerably more. My ears become impacted on a regular basis, so it’s nice to be able to clean them by myself with the help of this ear otoscope. I honestly didn’t expect much, but this little earwax cleaner definitely exceeded expectations! Ears feel cleaner than they have ever been and no more uncomfortable feeling of fullness inside my ears."


Peter Newman, AU

"ViewScan™ Visible Earwax Cleaning Otoscope does exactly what it is supposed to do and has been a huge help in keeping an eye on the condition of my ears. This ear otoscope also allowed us to obtain a prescription for an ear infection because we were able to send clear images from the app. Use it with extreme caution, though, especially if you’re using it to remove the earwax for the first time. As long as you use it correctly and carefully, the ear spoons will not irritate or cut your ear canal or damage your eardrum. This is way better than the previous ones I used with metal edges that are sharp. I highly recommend!"


How do you clean your earwax?

Earwax, a substance normally produced by the body to lubricate ears and keep dirt and dust from going deep inside the ears, usually works its way out when we chew or move our jaw. However, earwax can sometimes build up and cause discomfort and impaction.

When it comes to cleaning earwax, wrong cleaning methods can lead to serious consequences. It's crucial to avoid inserting bobby pins, low-quality cotton swabs, toothpicks, or any other objects into your ear canal. These items have the potential to push the earwax deeper, leading to injury or damage to the delicate ear structures. It's vital to prioritize the safety of your ears.

Furthermore, it is advised to stay away from aggressive methods.  These practices can disrupt the natural self-cleaning process of the ears, which may result in ear infection or irritation. To maintain optimal ear health, it is important to practicing safe and appropriate earwax cleaning methods which can help prevent potential harm and promote the well-being of your ears. Remember, gentle care is key when it comes to ear hygiene.


Dr. Hanna Powell, an ENT specialist, on the importance of cleaning excess earwax

Neglecting the regular cleaning of earwax buildup can potentially lead to discomfort and complications. Accumulated earwax can cause blockages, resulting in reduced hearing, unpleasant smell, a feeling of fullness in the ear, and even dizziness.

When left unaddressed, earwax buildup can lead to ear infections, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and potential damage to the eardrum or other delicate structures of the ear. That is why earwax management through regular (not excessive) cleaning are crucial to prevent these complications and maintain optimal ear health.


Product Features:

  • 360° precise cleaning

The ViewScan™ Visible Earwax Cleaning Otoscope offers a safe and effective way to remove excess earwax without damaging your ear canal or eardrums. This advanced ear wax removal kit features a 360° precise cleaning technology with a camera and LED lights for a large coverage view, allowing you to see clearly inside the ear and clean the earwax efficiently. Simply connect this earwax removal tool to your smartphone with type-c to see the image on your screen.

  • 3P medical-grade endoscope

This ear cleaning endoscope is equipped with an optical lens and high-performance 500W pixel CMOS sensor that provide image and video clarity, making the earwax removal process much easier and efficient. Our 3P medical-grade endoscope gives you a clear view of your ear canal, so you can accurately and safely dig up earwax without the risk of scratching or damaging your ear canal.

  • 6 cold light LED lights

The ViewScan™ Visible Earwax Cleaning Otoscope has 6 built-in LED lights to help light up the canal, so you can see the dark insides of your ear clearly. This light-emitting earwax remover even lets you take clear images.

  • PC + silicone replaceable ear spoons

This ear cleaning otoscope includes 6 replaceable ear spoons, which make it convenient for people with different needs and ear sizes. The ear spoons are made of soft PC and silicone materials that make them gentle and comfortable to use for a pain-free earwax cleaning. The rotating-mounted ear spoon fits comfortably inside the ear and allows you to scrape the layers of wax inside without hurting or scratching your ear canal.

  • A safe earwax cleaning experience

With the ViewScan™ Visible Earwax Cleaning Otoscope, you can confidently and safely clean your ears at home. This innovative device makes it possible for you to take control of your earwax cleaning, ensuring a safe and effective experience. Prioritize your ear health with ease and convenience.


How to use:

  • Follow the user manual, especially if you are a first-time user.
  • Use type-c to connect ViewScan™ Visible Earwax Cleaning Otoscope and your phone.
  • Approach the ear canal gently and slowly while looking at the camera and carefully scoop out the earwax.


Package includes:

  • 1 kit x ViewScan™ Visible Earwax Cleaning Otoscope
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