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TanTastic™ Intensive Tanning Luxe Gel

TanTastic™ Intensive Tanning Luxe Gel

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Flawless tan with no harm! Try TanTastic™ Intensive Tanning Luxe Gel and After Sun Gel for a longer-lasting, natural-looking tan.

Let's take a look at our satisfied customers!


Emma Fox, UK

"Not sure if TanTastic™ Intensive Tanning Luxe Gel works as a self tanner. It says in the instruction that you will need to have 30-minute exposure to the sun for it to work. And it did work beautifully on me! The color of the lotion is not as dark as usual but more concentrated. It works faster and lasts longer, at least in my experience. Just make sure to clean your hands after application to avoid discoloring your palms."



Scarlett Doyle, USA

"I was hesitant to try another tanning product after my last experience, which left me with a blotchy and uneven tan. I even got a sunburn on my face, which made me feel worse about the whole ordeal. But, after trying TanTastic™ Intensive Tanning Luxe Gel and Intensive After Sun Gel, I'm blown away by the results!

The natural ingredients gave me a beautiful, even, and long-lasting tan that I absolutely love. Plus, the after-sun cream kept my skin hydrated and prevented any further sun damage. I highly recommend this package to anyone looking for a reliable and safe tanning solution."


Matilda Martin, AU 

"Love the TanTastic™ Package! It stays on even if you go in the water as soon as your skin absorbs the formula. Yes, it stays on but I would apply a thin coat after getting out of the pool. This is a very good tanning lotion, and I love that it comes with an aftercare lotion to extend the life of the tan color."

Product Features:

  • Get a glowing, deep color-instant tan with less sun exposure

If you want to achieve a sun-kissed glow without actually soaking in the sunshine (and those harmful UV rays!) for hours, slather on the TanTastic™ Intensive Tanning Luxe GelNatural! This safe and natural tanning gel helps you achieve a deeper and color-instant tan with just 30 minutes of exposure to the sun. Do you want to go from natural-looking golden glow to a deeper, bronzier color? You can reapply and build up the color until you reach your desired tan level.
  • No red flag ingredients

    Get a natural-looking tan with TanTastic™ Intensive Tanning Luxe Gel, free from harmful chemicals. Infused with carrot oil for a healthy glow and walnut oil for hydration, enjoy the sun's rays for longer without risking dehydration and irritation.

    - Olive oil is a natural emollient that is known for its moisturizing properties, it can help to hydrate and nourish the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. Additionally, olive oil is rich in antioxidants, which can help to protect the skin against damage from free radicals and environmental stressors. This product may offer both tanning benefits and nourishing benefits for the skin.

    - Cocoa butter is a natural emollient that is commonly used in skincare products. Its moisturizing properties can help to hydrate the skin, reducing dryness and flakiness, while also improving the skin's elasticity. It can help to nourish and protect the skin, while also enhancing the tanning experience.

    Walnut oil is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help to nourish and hydrate the skin. It is also rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, which can help to protect the skin from free radical damage and reduce the signs of aging. It can help to provide additional moisturizing benefits, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. Additionally, walnut oil can help to enhance the tanning process, as it is believed to promote the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color.

    - Carrot oil is rich in beta-carotene, a natural pigment that can help to enhance and prolong a tan. In addition, carrot oil is rich in antioxidants, which can help to protect the skin against environmental stressors and promote a more youthful appearance. It can help to improve the skin's overall health and appearance, while also enhancing the tanning process.

    Plus, indulge in our 100% natural Intensive After Sun Gel, containing aloe vera and citric acid to keep your skin nourished and moisturized. Suitable for all skin types, reveal your best skin yet with TanTastic™! 

    - Aloe vera is a well-known natural remedy for sunburn and other forms of skin irritation. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe and calm the skin, reducing redness, itching, and pain. Aloe vera also contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can help to hydrate and nourish the skin, promoting healing and restoring its natural moisture balance. It can help to provide relief and comfort to the skin after sun exposure, helping to minimize the effects of sun damage and promote faster healing.

    Citric acid is a natural alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that can help to exfoliate and brighten the skin, promoting a more radiant and even complexion. It can also help to improve the skin's texture and tone, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When combined with aloe vera in TanTastic™ Intensive After Sun Gel, citric acid can help to enhance the overall healing and soothing benefits of the product. It can also help to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores, allowing the skin to better absorb the beneficial nutrients and moisture provided by the aloe vera.

    - Tocopherol, also known as vitamin E, is a powerful antioxidant that can help to protect the skin against free radical damage caused by UV radiation and environmental pollutants. In addition, tocopherol has moisturizing benefits, helping to hydrate and nourish the skin, promoting a more youthful and healthy appearance. It can help to support the skin's natural healing process, minimizing the effects of sun damage and promoting faster recovery.

    - Glycerol, also known as glycerin, is a natural humectant that can help to draw moisture to the skin, promoting hydration and preventing dryness. It has also been shown to have a protective effect on the skin, helping to prevent damage from environmental stressors such as pollution and UV radiation. It can help to soothe and hydrate sun-damaged skin, reducing inflammation and promoting healing. It can also help to improve the skin's overall texture and appearance, leaving it soft, supple, and healthy-looking.

  • Fast absorbing & stain-free

Enjoy quick & stain-free application with TanTastic™ Intensive Tanning Luxe Gel! Its lightweight formula absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky coating, making the application process a lot easier. No need to worry about the color transferring to your clothes or staining your towels.

  • 2 in 1 Package seal in your gorgeous tan

    Unlock a longer-lasting tan with our 2-in-1 package! Our after-sun cream not only enhances and locks in your tan, but also nourishes your skin to keep it hydrated and supple. Experience an amazing bronze shade with our specially formulated cream that provides the perfect protection your skin needs. Don't settle for fading tans – try our product now and enjoy a longer-lasting tan!

  • Soothing & repairing tanning aftercare

    UV damage is no laughing matter. If you want a healthy tan (not burned skin), applying this after sun gel after tanning in the sun is a must for quick soothing relief. The formula is packed with antioxidants and humectants to calm and revitalize red, irritated skin, heal parched skin and sunburn, and assist with post-burn healing. It replenishes your skin with the essential nutrients lost while tanning and repairs damage caused by the sun, wind, or saltwater. 

  • Moisture replenishment

    This lightweight, fast-absorbent after sun lotion infuses dry, flaky, and sun-damaged skin with deep hydration and lasting moisture. There’s vitamin E to help with moisture retention and aloe vera to soothe, speed up skin repair, and prevent peeling and blistering. It’s also formulated with citric acid to soften and smooth skin and glycerin to improve hydration.


How to use:

  • TanTastic™ Intensive Tanning Luxe Gel:

    For a uniform effect, exfoliate and cleanse to prep skin before tanning. Apply TanTastic™ Intensive Tanning Luxe Gel evenly to the desired area, wait for it to dry, and sunbathe under the sun for 30 minutes. The interval between each use should be at least 3 hours. After reaching the desired tan level, reapply 1-2 times a week to maintain the color.

  • TanTastic™ Intensive After Sun Gel:

    Take an appropriate amount of the after-sun cream and apply evenly on the desired area or all over the body.


Product Specifications:

  • Product weight: 50g
  • Shelf life: 3 years

Product ingredients:

  • TanTastic™ Intensive Tanning Luxe Gel : Carrot oil, Olive oil, Cocoa butter, Walnut oil
  • TanTastic™ Intensive After Sun Gel: Aloe vera, Glycerol, Citric acid, Tocopherol

Package includes:

  • 1 x TanTastic™ Intensive Tanning Luxe Gel / TanTastic™ Intensive After Sun Gel 
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