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SalonX™ Hair Color Wax

SalonX™ Hair Color Wax

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If you love switching up your hair color or just simply want to try out a vibrant one for a special occasion, the SalonX™ Hair Color Wax provides an easy, washable coloring that won’t damage your hair strands!

  • Easy, non-damaging & temporary hair dyeing

     - The SalonX™ Hair Color Wax is amazing for temporarily coloring your hair without going on a trip to the salon. If you feel like experimenting with different looks, you’re just one color away from achieving an avant-garde, music festival muse or a glam rock look that you can easily create at home. This temporary hair dye lasts until you wash it off. Wear bright hues for a regular workday or on special occasions like Halloween, dance parties, cosplay, etc. and be the center of everyone’s attention.

  • Natural, non-toxic ingredients for naturally bouncy and glossy hair

    - Another cool thing about this hair color wax is it contains natural, gentle ingredients that temporarily color your hair without damage or irritation. There's no ammonia or other harsh chemicals you typically find in a permanent hair dye, making it perfect for damaged strands or dry hair that is prone to breakage.

  • Available in a variety of shades that deposit brilliant pigments

    - It comes in bold and bright shades like purple, green, red, and blue with rich pigments that sit at the surface of your hair, leaving a fresh, natural matte finish – no chalky textures!
  • Easy to apply & wash

    -  Unlike permanent hair dyes that require mixing and after-care treatment, this vibrant color hair wax is ready to apply fresh out of the jar. You can leave the pretty color on for days or easily wash it off with water and shampoo.


How to:

  • Wash your hair and dry it to 80%.
  • Place a finger full of theSalonX™ Hair Color Wax on the palm of your hand and spread it a bit.
  • Apply it on the section of the hair that needs coloring.
  • Plan the section of hair with white highlights or apply the wax on the entire head.
  • Wash easily to remove.


Package includes:

  • 1 x SalonX™ Hair Color Wax

Product ingredients:

  • Water, Beeswax, Brazilian Palm Wax, Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol, Glycerol Extract, Tea Extract, etc.


User’s Review:

Tina Vergara, USA


I’ve always wanted to try red hair, and I’m so happy I chose the SalonX™ Hair Color Wax. This perfectly achieves the hair color that I was aiming for. What I did was I applied it on damp hair and then used a blow dryer to seal the color in, and I loved it! I’ve gotten way too many compliments because the finish looked so vibrant and not overly shiny. I also did not experience any color transferring.


Maxine Brandwein, UK

I hate tedious routines and love wash-n-gos, so the SalonX™ Hair Color Wax is just perfect for me whenever I’m in the mood to switch up my look a bit. The colour is very pigmented and it lasts until my next shampoo. Plus, this stuff doesn’t weigh my hair down and dry it out unlike other at-home temporary hair dye products.


Catarina Bergman, AU

I bought the SalonX™ Hair Color Wax in 3 different shades, and I’m obsessed! This is so easy to use. I just rub the wax between my palms to warm it up and to make it easier to apply to hair. I start with a small amount at first, and then apply more. The result is stunning. I couldn’t stop looking at my hair in the mirror. The colour is very pigmented and the texture is soft. I just love it.

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