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Salonly™ Frizz-Away Caviar Oil

Salonly™ Frizz-Away Caviar Oil

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The Salonly™ Frizz-Away Caviar Oil contains a concoction of nutrient-rich caviar essence and nourishing plant oils that fight frizz, add shine, and give a dose of moisture without weighing your hair down.

The Salonly™ Frizz-Away Caviar Oil’s star ingredient, caviar essence extract, gives your damaged strands the luxurious treatment as it deeply nourishes, moisturizes, and adds loads of shine, keeping frizz, flyaways, split ends, and brittleness under control. Caviar essence is also packed with essential nutrients that help repair and protect hair against UV and heat styling damage, leaving it smooth, supple, and silky-soft.

Libby Kaur, USA

I have frizzy hair that is almost impossible to manage, but the Salonly™ Frizz-Away Caviar Oil  has done wonders! Just squirt a few drops onto the palms of your hands and work it through wet or dry hair. This stuff gives me shiny hair that not only appears healthy but also feels just as luxuriously soft as it looks. This is also perfect for normal hair that needs some TLC.


Tegan Stewart, UK

The Salonly™ Frizz-Away Caviar Oil is surprisingly lightweight for an oil serum. I have coloured hair that has become damaged and dry due years of chemical hair treatments and heat styling. With just a single use of this oil, my strands have become healthy and shiny with a supremely smooth finish. I’m obsessed!


Sophie Roberts, AU

The formula of the Salonly™ Frizz-Away Caviar Oil is beyond anything I’ve experienced in a hair treatment product before. It’s so incredibly moisturizing yet weightless. I use it everyday and it never makes my hair look limp and flat or greasy. It seals split ends and leaves a gorgeous shine to my locks!


The Salonly™ Frizz-Away Caviar Oil is an all-around product that is perfect for streamlining your hair care routine. It not only instantly smooths frizz, but also delivers a hefty dose of moisture and nutrients to prevent further hair damage.

You might want to take a rain check on that salon appointment as this hair oil works harder than your typical hair treatment. It is formulated to restore the smoothness, radiance, and overall health of bleached, dyed, and chemically straightened hair, as well as wavy, textured, and curly locks.

Infused with a blend of deeply conditioning ingredients like jojoba oil, honey, and olive oil extracts, the Salonly™ Frizz-Away Caviar Oil repairs breakage, delivers much-needed hydration and nourishment to dehydrated or stressed hair follicles, and even soothes irritated scalp without leaving a greasy residue behind.

This incredibly weightless and lightweight hair oil also harnesses the moisture-sealing ability of hemisqualane and meadowfoam ester. The formula penetrates the hair’s outer cuticle and travels to the inner cortex to deliver lasting moisture and seal it off to repel frizz, environmental damage, and future breakage.

The Salonly™ Frizz-Away Caviar Oil also contains hibiscus extract that keeps color-treated hair soft, bouncy, shiny, and protected against heat, UV, and color fade.

Product Features:

  • Contains caviar essence that adds moisture and nutrients to hair while protecting it against humidity and heat styling damage, dryness, and frizz
  • Hydrates and adds luster to hair of all types and styles, including chemically treated or colored hair
  • Provides concentrated moisture and nourishment without making hair look greasy and weighed down
  • Delivers weightless control to tame frizz, split ends, and flyaways, making hair more manageable and healthy
  • Repairs and protects against heat and UV damage
  • Strengthens hair follicles to prevents breakage


I've tried the Salonly™ Frizz-Away Caviar Oil on myself and even on my clients' hair, and it's an amazing oil-based hair serum that works on a variety of hair types. This product really helps with the effects of humidity, softens coarse and frizzy hair, adds shine, tames flyaways – you name it!” - Cameron Phillips, hair stylist, Phillips Hair Studio


Isabella Young shares her experience with the Salonly™ Frizz-Away Caviar Oil.

I have very coarse, unmanageable hair that looks lifeless. My hair issues are something shampoo and conditioners can’t tackle alone. So, I decided to try Salonly™ Frizz-Away Caviar Oil (after unsuccessfully trying tons of other products).

Day 1:

After one use, the Salonly™ Frizz-Away Caviar Oil magically transformed my ugly strands. I used it immediately after a shower while my hair was still damp and let it air dry. When it dried completely, I was waiting for the frizz and brittleness to show up but they didn’t. This was amazing!

Day 3:

I just couldn’t get enough of this oil. I’ve been using it twice daily, after the morning shower and before bedtime, and I’m so happy at the changes it has brought to my hair. My strands look so shiny. No more dryness and frizz!

Day 6:

The Salonly™ Frizz-Away Caviar Oil has replaced the hair oils and serums that have been sitting in my drawer half-empty for the past months. This stuff single-handedly solved all of my hair woes! No more split ends, hair fall, dryness, and dullness. My hair looks healthier and feels smoother and softer than it has ever been, and I only have this oil to thank for.


Product Specifications:

  • Net weight: 40ml
  • Main ingredients: Caviar essence extract, Jojoba oil extract, Honey extract, Olive oil extract, Hibiscus extract, Hemisqualane, Meadowfoam ester

Package includes:

  • 1 x Salonly™ Frizz-Away Caviar Oil
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