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ReGrowth™ Hair Roller Serum

ReGrowth™ Hair Roller Serum

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Combining effective herbal ingredients with scalp stimulation, this amazing serum can speed up hair regrowth in as fast as 5 days!

----------------User's Reviews----------------

Lily Gibson, UK

I have very fine hair with some bald spots, and the ReGrowth™ Hair Roller Serum took care of the problem. I applied this directly on my scalp and after a month of continued use, hair looks denser and thicker. This absolutely works and I'll definitely repurchase!


Roy Howard, USA

I have a pretty long list of hair growth products that I've tried but did not give me results. So, I was really glad that I decided to try the ReGrowth™ Hair Roller Serum because this was the only one that does. This has single-handedly improved my baldness and the appearance of hair density. Aside from its volumizing effect, it also soothes my dry, itchy scalp. Great stuff!


Eloise Wilson, AU

I apply this at night before bed and since using this hair regrowth serum, I've noticed less hair fallout. My hair has become thinner due to excessive hair shedding, and this brought back the thickness and fullness of my hair! I also love the convenient applicator.


If you're noticing thinning, balding, and extra hair shedding than usual, it's a sign that your hair care routine needs some tweaking. The ReGrowth™ Hair Roller Serum features an herbal formula that addresses hair loss and lets you achieve thicker, fuller mane.

The Use of Chinese Herbal Medicine for Hair Loss

The ReGrowth™ Hair Roller Serum is infused with a blend of herbal extracts that nourishes and stimulates the scalp and follicles, strengthening hair and reducing hair loss, thinning, and breakage. It injects organic nutrition to the roots to boost hair growth, addressing a slew of concerns like balding, alopecia areata, hair loss due to color and chemical treatments, and postpartum alopecia.

Infused with ginger and ginseng extracts, this serum encourages the new growth of strands. This ingredient combo also strengthens roots and follicles, preventing hair thinning and breakage.

Ginseng works by increasing the dermal cells on the scalp to stimulate regrowth, while ginger's anti-inflammatory properties help treat certain scalp conditions that cause excessive hair fallout and shedding.

The ReGrowth™ Hair Roller Serum also contains fleeceflower root, a powerful herb that stimulates the growth stage in follicles, enhancing overall hair health and thickening the strands over time. Also containing glycerol, this hair treatment transforms dry, brittle strands into shinier, hydrated and more voluminous hair.

Featuring a triple-roller structure, this product gives gentle massages to the problem areas, allowing better serum absorption and faster results. This stimulation enhances the metabolism and health of the scalp as the nutrients infiltrate into the roots of the follicles and activates dormant hair follicles, speeding up the growth process and promoting thicker, longer hair.

Product Features:

  • Rejuvenates scalp and hair and provides nutrition from roots to tips for faster hair regrowth
  • Prevents numerous hair loss and scalp conditions by awakening blocked follicles to reactivate hair growth
  • Strengthens hair that is prone to breakage and brittleness
  • Gently massages and boost circulation in the scalp to increase metabolism and health
  • Allows for quicker and deeper absorption of the nutrients from the serum
  • Locks in moisture to the hair, leaving you with thicker, smoother, and more resilient strands

The ReGrowth™ Hair Roller Serum contains ingredients that really reverse the hair thinning process. I applied this to thinning areas on my scalp, and have seen results in less than two weeks. The formula and the roller design really makes this a must-try for those with pattern baldness.” - Stanley Mills, YouTube vlogger


Lex White shares his 4-week experience with the ReGrowth™ Hair Roller Serum 

I’ve had androgenetic alopecia, which runs in the family. I’ve tried different types of hair growth products with no success. I stumbled upon the ReGrowth™ Hair Roller Serum and decided to give it a try, and I really like the results.

I really liked the applicator of this hair serum. It allowed me to target the balding areas with such ease, and the gentle massage this gave my scalp was relaxing. I’ve seen improvement within the first week of use, and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve been regularly applying this serum for two weeks and I noticed that the very short and fine strands of hair have started growing fast. So far, so good!

Using the ReGrowth™ Hair Roller Serum regularly for a month has really improved the growth cycle of hair, and I can visibly see the results. No more pattern baldness! Those areas still look thinner than the rest, but I like that I’m seeing results. And I will definitely continue using this to thicken the strands.


Product Specifications:

  • Product weight: 20ml
  • Product dimension: 13.3 x 2.8 x 2.8 cm
  • Main ingredients: Ginger Extract, Fleeceflower Root, Ginseng Extract, Glycerol

Package includes:

  • 1 x ReGrowth™ Hair Roller Serum
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