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Nailogy™ Polygel Nail Kit

Nailogy™ Polygel Nail Kit

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Create salon-quality nail designs at home with the Nailogy™ Polygel Nail Kit. Polygel combines the sturdiness of acrylic nails with the elasticity and exquisiteness of gel nails, all while being beginner-friendly! 

Product Features:

  • Unique, nail-friendly formula

    - The Nailogy™ Polygel Nail Kit is formulated with the health of your natural nails in mind. Polygel is safer than acrylic since it doesn't release chemicals and an overpowering smell into the air during application. Its non-toxic formula is also less damaging to the nails than any other nail manicure.
  • Professional, salon-like finish

    - Reduce your trips to the salon! This beginner-friendly polygel kit lets you achieve natural, lighter, and durable finish in the comfort of your own home. No skills required!
  • Durable shiny coating that lasts up to 4 weeks

    - This high quality nail gel comes in a chip-resistant formula that does not peel off easily. The glossy, durable coating helps strengthen your nails.
  • Versatile applications

    -  This polygel kit can be used in a variety of applications that lets you customize and explore different nail art designs! It can be applied as a nail extension or an overlay for better color pay off and nail protection. It is suitable to apply on UV gel nails, acrylic nails and natural nails and with the dual forms or nail forms.
  • Perfect for both professional use and personal use


How to use:

Way # 1:

  • File the nail surface lightly.
  • Apply a very thin layer of base coat, and cure it under UV/LED lamp.
  • Select a suitable shape & size false nail tip.
  • Apply Poly extension gel on nail mold, use nail art pen with Slip Solution to make gel smooth.
  • Stick it to your real nail and make sure it fully plying-up, and cure it under UV/LED lamp.
  • Remove the false nail tip, trim the shape and polish your nails.
  • Apply the top coat and cure it under UV/LED lamp.
  • Design your nail with your choice of patterns.

Way # 2:

  • File the nail surface lightly.
  • Apply a very thin layer of base coat, and cure it under UV/LED lamp.
  • Put a nail form on your nail and apply a layer of Building Gel, cure it under UV/LED lamp.
  • Apply a second layer of Building Gel and cure it under UV/LED lamp.
  • Trim the shapes of nails.
  • Apply the top coat and cure it under UV/LED lamp.
  • Design your nail with your choice of patterns.


How to avoid extension nail from falling off:

  • After quickly applying building gel on the false nail tip, use a brush to pick up a little Liquid Slip Solution, then brush the building gel evenly on the false nail tip.
  • When sticking a false nail tip to your real nails, make sure the false nail tip can be totally attached to your nails, so that the extension nail won't fall off from the nail edge.



Product Specifications:

  • Item type: Poly gel Nail Set & Kit
  • Cured: LED or UV Lamp
  • Lasting period: 3 weeks or above

Package includes:

  • 1 x 15ml Poly Nail Gel
  • 1 x 30ml Slip solution
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher
  • 1 x Nail Brush
  • 1 x 20pcs/package Nail Tips

----------------User's Reviews----------------

Hana Holland, UK

I love this polygel manicure kit! It's much more flexible than acrylic nails and sturdier than gel nails. I can really tell that the gel is made of durable, high quality material. It's so easy to apply and lasts for a long time.


Lexie White, USA

I love the formula of the Nailogy™ Polygel Nail Kit! It's toxin-free and has a low odor. The gel is thick and leaves a shiny coating that lasts for weeks. I got this as a gift, and I love how it keeps my nails healthy.


Kara Hayes, AU

This is so easy to use and works well with a nail art newbie like me. The kit has everything I'm looking for, and it keeps my nails looking glossy for weeks! It's the perfect, easy-to-use kit to get gorgeous nails at home.

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