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MEDix™ Vitiligo Treatment Cream

MEDix™ Vitiligo Treatment Cream

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The MEDix™ Vitiligo Treatment Cream uses an all-natural organic formula that deeply penetrates to return your skin to its natural color, providing a safe and effective treatment for skin pigmentation disorders such as vitiligo and leukoplakia.

The MEDix™ Vitiligo Treatment Cream is infused with Certified Organic Coconut Oil, which has antifungal properties that help with repigmentation while soothing the skin and relieving inflammation. The formula also contains Nigella Sativa Seed or black seed that stimulates melanocytes function. An active compound in black seed boosts melanin production to darken the skin tone via neurotransmitter action, reducing the appearance of white spots.


Caitlin Barker, UK

I have had an advanced case of vitiligo and suffered from those huge white patches splattered across my forehead down to my chin. I've tried prescribed meds in a pill form but could not handle the serious side effects. I'm glad I found a gentle but effective all-natural solution with the MEDix™ Vitiligo Treatment Cream. After using it for 3 weeks, the ugly vitiligo spots are miraculously gone!


Katherine Reyes, USA


White spots had started to appear on my face, and they were spreading fast. I decided to do something about it before scheduling an appointment with a derm, and I’m glad I came across the MEDix™ Vitiligo Treatment Cream when I was googling home remedies for vitiligo. This cream works fast! It got rid of white patches in less than two weeks without irritating my skin. The texture actually felt soothing and hydrating, like a lotion. I like it. I’ll keep a tube of this in my drawer in case the spots come back.


Sarah Rose, AU

I had very noticeable vitiligo spots in my arms, and I’ve tried countless over-the-counter ointments and lotions but to no effect. The MEDix™ Vitiligo Treatment Cream was actually my last resort. If it doesn’t work, I’ll opt for the non-topical treatments for vitiligo. But after using the cream for a week, I noticed a difference. The natural color of my skin is coming back in some parts. This lessened the appearance of the white patches IN LESS THAN WEEK! I can’t wait for the results a month-long application will bring!


Vitiligo, a condition that causes patches of skin to lose pigment or color, can be difficult to deal with. This happens when the immune system disrupts or destroys the melanocytes, the skin cells that produce melanin, causing the skin to lose pigment and develop white patches.

To address vitiligo spots, the MEDix™ Vitiligo Treatment Cream stimulates skin repigmentation to get the affected area back to its natural color. Its all-natural, non-irritating formula is enriched with plant herbal essence that deeply penetrates the skin and slowly restores the loss pigment without any side effect or irritation.

This cream is also packed with the anti-inflammatory properties and bioactive compounds from barberry root or the root of Berberis vulgaris, which help treat skin pigment disorders like vitiligo and leukoplakia. In addition, the cream contains cullen corylifolium, an effective topical remedy for vitiligo and other skin ailments such as leucoderma, leprosy, and psoriasis.

With a combination of powerful, natural ingredients, the MEDix™ Vitiligo Treatment Cream enhances the physiological balance of melanocytes and keratinocytes, treating pigmentation issues and restoring the natural color of your skin.

Product Features:

  • Features an all-natural, organic formula with plant essence to target vitiligo, leukoplakia, and other skin diseases
  • Diminishes the appearance of white patches and promotes a more even skin tone
  • Works at a deeper level to repair the original lost melanin of the skin without side effects
  • Stimulates melanocytes function to boost skin repigmentation
  • Improves epidermal melanocytes and keratinocytes in vitiligo
  • Moisturizes and soothes the skin
  • Gentle and comfortable when applied to the skin, making it safe to use on the face, neck, arms, legs, and other affected areas all over your body

Which treatment you start with may depend on how much vitiligo you have and where you have it. But using a medicated lotion like the MEDix™ Vitiligo Treatment Cream is recommended if you are looking for a topical solution that is safe to use even on the face. It contains natural ingredients that are effective in helping improve vitiligo.” - Dr. Hayden Hayes, Portland, Oregon-based, board-certified dermatologist


Sienna Russell shares her experience using the MEDix™ Vitiligo Treatment Cream.

I’ve had vitiligo that was starting to get worse and spread all over my face and neck. I’ve tried tons of vitiligo ointments, from lotions that only temporarily concealed the white spots to prescription creams that were too potent to be used on the face.


Week 1: 

I decided to try the MEDix™ Vitiligo Treatment Cream since it said in the description that it contains only natural ingredients. I applied the cream all over my face for a week and I didn’t experience any side effects or tingling sensation.

Week 2:

Applying the cream consistently for two weeks had dramatically improved the white patches on my face. I was happy I was getting visible results minus the sensitivity issues.

Week 4:

I continued using the MEDix™ Vitiligo Treatment Cream for nearly a month, and look where it got me! My face looks even toned. And the white spots that have been giving me insecurities have now disappeared! I’m glad I finally found a product that works!


Product Specifications:

  • Net weight: 20g
  • Product volume: 12.8cm x 3.1cm x 3.1cm
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Main ingredients: Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Nigella Sativa Seeds, Berberis Vulgaris, Cullen Corylifolium

Package includes:

  • 1 x MEDix™ Vitiligo Treatment Cream
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