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MEDix™ Revolutionary highly efficient light therapy device for toenail diseases

MEDix™ Revolutionary highly efficient light therapy device for toenail diseases

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Satisfied customers shared their experiences with the revolutionary high-efficiency MEDix™ light therapy device for toenail disease!

Jillian Henderson 

"I have seen doctors over the years for toenail paronychia on two of my toes, and each time they have given me a new diagnosis and course of treatment - and none of these expensive impressions have been successful. Now that I have ... I am using this phototherapy device. It's pretty easy to use and seems to dry the paronychia and the nail at the same time. It is one of the few treatments I have used that has changed the appearance of my nails at least somewhat."


Timothy Callen

"I used this product 5-6 times the first day I received it, and when I woke up the next day, I thought I was losing my mind with the change. The difference in one day was obvious - the thicker nail became lighter." In color; 100% due to this device. I have been using it for about 7 days and it is amazing how clear my toe is. It seems to have killed the fungus and allowed my nail to grow. If you try it, use it more often than Follow the directions - you will be pleased! No oil or other ointments, just use this device!!! I only charged it once; I have it on now as I write this review 😂. Hopefully I can wear it sandals in August!!!"


What is toenail disease?

Toenail disease refers to various diseases of toenails caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, trauma, genetic factors, etc., including fungal infections of toenails, paronychia, black line of toenail, onychomycosis, abnormal growth of toenail, etc.

Paronychia, fungal infections and other toenail problems occur when bacteria invade the damaged skin near the cuticle and nail fold and cause infection.


How does the revolutionary MEDix™ high efficiency light therapy device work?

The revolutionary MEDix™ high efficiency light therapy device uses blue light therapy combined with infrared cold laser technology to effectively eliminate fungus, inhibit inflammation and prevent infection. This relieves nail pain and swelling, eliminates pus or pustules, inhibits foot itching, flaking, thickening of nails and other problems.   


What is blue light therapy?

Blue light therapy is a medical method that uses a specific wavelength of blue light (470 nm) to treat nails. In blue light therapy, the patient's nails are exposed to blue light with a wavelength of 470 nanometers, which penetrates the surface layer of the nail and causes a photodynamic reaction to the keratin in the nail. The photodynamic reaction causes keratin to combine with oxygen molecules and form toxic oxygen free radicals that damage or kill bacteria and fungi around the nail. In addition, blue light has an antibacterial effect and can also reduce infections caused by inflammation, relieve redness, heat and pain symptoms at the site of inflammation and basically repair damage without side effects and drug resistance.


What is Infrared Cold Laser?

Infrared cold laser is a medical and rehabilitation technology that uses infrared light generated by infrared lasers to treat pain and promote tissue repair. Generally, the wavelength range of infrared cold lasers is between 650 nm and 1000 nm, with the most common wavelengths being 808 nm and 905 nm.
In infrared cold laser therapy, infrared light generated by a laser is directed at the area of pain or injury. The infrared light is able to penetrate the deep layers of the skin and enter the internal tissues. These infrared lights have biophysical effects in tissues that can promote cellular metabolism, increase cellular energy production, promote blood circulation, completely eliminate inflammation and infection in the paronychia area, and strengthen tissue repair and healing.

Studies have shown that the revolutionary high-efficiency light therapy device for toenail disease relieves pain, easily removes ingrown nails and bacteria from the nail, and the membrane that makes your toes more comfortable is proven to be the best solution for the treatment of paronychia toenails! Findings Pain.


What makes MEDix™, the revolutionary high-efficiency light therapy device for toenail disease, so special?

  • Inhibits fungal infections
  • Prevents growth, smoothes the nails
  • Relieves pain and swelling
  • Improve nail condition
  • Clean yellow and dark nails
  • Correct distorted shapes
  • Help reduce discoloration
  • Support healthy nail regeneration

Here are some of our satisfied customers

Lowell Ganner

"I have a transplanted organ and my immune system is permanently weakened. I can't fight nail fungus and I can't take the medications that other people can take. My only choice has been expensive topical medications and they have not worked. I lost that toenail." Once whole, and it all started over again. The dermatologist told me to give up, but mentioned in passing, "Even in winter, you need that nail in the sunlight." That gave me the idea to look for something like that. I stopped topically medicating with it. You can see the fungus trying to come back every day, but SEE! I use it once a day on this toe. IT WORKS. I use it every day for two cycles."


Erich Bellinger 

"This product really works!!! I have been struggling with ingrown toenails for years. After using it, the ingrown on my big toes was gone. I use it regularly twice a day and work hard to clean it thoroughly "Disinfect all grooming tools. But never before has it obviously been so successful! I should be wearing my open-toed shoes again next summer!"


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