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MEDix™ Lipoma Removal Cream

MEDix™ Lipoma Removal Cream

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Enriched with herbal plant extracts, the MEDix™ Lipoma Removal Cream works at a deeper level to gently treat benign lipoma, offering a safe and effective at-home topical solution.

The MEDix™ Lipoma Removal Cream uses the Saffron Essence Extract Formula that provides a painless, non-invasive treatment for benign lipoma and the discomfort associated with it. Infused with a blend of natural herbal plant extracts, this cream deeply penetrates the skin to quickly relieve pain and inflammation and remove lipomas, fibroids, subcutaneous lumps, and other harmless body lumps, and non-cancerous tumors.


Lara Hudson, USA

I developed a lipoma on my underarm and the doctor said it’s harmless. And I was given the option to have it surgically removed. I thought I’d try a topical solution first because I certainly don’t have the budget for it, and I’m glad I stumbled upon the MEDix™ Lipoma Removal Cream! This stuff is heaven sent. It helps with the inflammation. The size of the lump has decreased overnight, I was shocked! In less than three weeks, my lipoma has completely subsided. Thanks a lot!


Madison Morris, UK

A friend recommended the MEDix™ Lipoma Removal Cream for relief for unsightly body lumps that become ever more frequent as we age. I have been pleased with the results. I constantly have inflammation and bumps and have no idea what caused them. I apply the cream as directed and they begin the fade. This has caused me no irritation or burning sensation, so that’s a plus!


Niamh Barrett, AU

This stuff is AMAZING! I can't believe I never knew this existed before now! I had a big lump on my back, and my mom told me about the MEDix™ Lipoma Removal Cream, so I ordered a jar. In just a few days, the swelling of the lump shrunk and the pain was almost non-existent. It's miracle cream in a jar! It helps with both the pain and soreness. Highly recommend!


Lipoma, a lump of fatty tissue that occurs just beneath the skin, is a common benign tumor that feels rubbery to the touch. In most cases, lipoma doesn't cause pain and rarely requires treatment.

Although lipoma usually doesn't pose health risks, some people are bothered by the noticeably oval-shaped or round lump and prefer to have it removed. If you're the latter, MEDix™ Lipoma Removal Cream is the right product for you.

This cream contains the anti-inflammatory properties of saffron extract to provide fast-acting pain relief and reduce inflammation. It is also enriched with a concoction of red sage, aconite, and other medicinal plant extracts that provides a safe lipoma treatment without side effects and skin irritation.

The delicate texture of the cream quickly absorbs and deeply penetrates to break down the fat tissues that make up lipoma, minimizing the swelling and completely flattening the lump with continued application.

Product Features:

  • Formulated with saffron essence and other natural plant extracts that treat benign lipomas without side effects
  • Reduces inflammation and relieves pain caused by lipoma
  • Provides anti-inflammatory, painless treatment for fibroids, subcutaneous lumps, solitary or multiple lipomas, cystic tumor, and other harmless body lumps
  • Comes in an easy-to-absorb texture and formula for fast-acting swelling and pain relief


  • The MEDix™ Lipoma Removal Cream is not a substitute for medicine. If your symptoms are severe, please consult a doctor.
  • Wash the hands after application to avoid accidental contact with eyes or other sensitive parts. Do not use the product on damaged skin or wounds.
  • Patients with lipoma should pay attention to a balanced diet and eat more fruits and vegetables. Limit greasy foods and reduce the intake of high cholesterol.
  • Exercise regularly and moderately.

I purchased the MEDix™ Lipoma Removal Cream because I developed a lipoma on my upper back near my shoulder. I am in the third week of using it and the lipoma has shrunk to half of its original size! The consistency of the cream is smooth and fast-absorbing. This is a must-try for those who are looking for a non-surgical treatment for lipoma.” - Matilda Evans, YouTube vlogger


Sara Gordon shares her experience with the MEDix™ Lipoma Removal Cream.

I developed quite a few lumps on my back, which the doctor diagnosed as lipoma. They were pretty harmless and I was advised to have them surgically removed but I could not afford it. I came across the MEDix™ Lipoma Removal Cream when I was searching for a home remedy online and decided to give it a try.

My lumps never caused me pain but they felt uncomfortable, especially when I lie on my back. I applied the cream one night and woke up to see that the lumps have shrunk quite a bit.


By this time, some of the lumps have already flattened out. The swelling of the big one near my shoulder had also been significantly reduced. This stuff was really working.


I’m so happy I gave the MEDix™ Lipoma Removal Cream a chance before actually considering a surgery. By religiously applying this cream every night before I go to bed, my multiple lipomas have completely vanished! No more discomfort. My back is as smooth as ever!


Product Specifications:

  • Net content: 50g
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Ingredients: Saffron extract, Astragalus, Aconite, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Pseudo-ginseng, Woody incense, Monkshood root, Geranium, Dried blood extract

Package includes:

  • 1 x MEDix™ Lipoma Removal Cream
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