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LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets

LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets

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Unlock a brighter, healthier smile with LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets – your easy, effective solution to combat stains and rejuvenate your smile!

LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets is an oral care product that blends probiotics and solid toothpaste for added convenience. Immerse your senses in the delicious fragrances of Cherry Blossom and Mint to maintain a constantly fresh mouth while efficiently reducing oral odor and whitening teeth.

These tablets, carefully designed with vital elements such as peppermint extract, sakura flower extract, and hydrated silica, offer a thorough 360-degree cleansing experience. LIMETOW™ is a portable oral guardian suitable for everyone even with pregnant women and children. It comes in a compact bottle with 30 capsules and is suited for daily usage.

Discover what our real customers have to say before we unveil our amazing product!

Helen Fulis, US

Love LIMETOW™ Tablets! Cherry Blossom flavor is a treat, and the portable bottle is so handy. Noticed a difference in teeth whiteness, and the chewable-to-foam concept is refreshing. Perfect for on-the-go freshness!”   


Vivian Saints, Canada

“This is lifesaver! I always keep them in my bag for quick freshness before office meetings or events. No more worries about bad breath – a quick chew, and I'm ready to make a great impression!”  

Product Features:

  • Probiotic Power with Two Invigorating Flavors

LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets harness the strength of probiotics, promoting a healthy oral microbiome for long-lasting freshness and enhanced cleanliness.

Enjoy the delightful experience of Cherry Blossom or Mint flavors, leaving your mouth not only clean but also fragrant after each use. 

  • 360-Degree Cleaning

This innovative approach ensures a thorough cleanse, targeting every nook and cranny in your mouth for unmatched cleanliness. This unique cleaning method not only promotes optimal oral hygiene but also enhances the natural whiteness of your teeth, offering a dual-action solution for a clean, radiant smile.

  • Stubborn Stain Removal

    This potent blend penetrates deep within the enamel, lifting and dissolving long-standing discolorations—not just on the surface but also in the microscopic crevices of your teeth. LIMETOW™ Tablets employ an advanced formula to target and remove stubborn tea and coffee stains, restoring teeth to their natural whiteness for a brighter smile.

    • Refreshing Chewable-to-Foam

    Experience the refreshing transformation as the chewable tablet turns into foam, making your oral care routine not only effective but also enjoyable.

    • Safe for All Ages

    Designed with care, these tablets are safe for pregnant women and children, providing optimal oral care for the entire family.


      Key Ingredients of LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets:

      Peppermint Extract

      • Peppermint Extract
      Known for its refreshing properties, peppermint extract provides a burst of coolness while contributing to the overall cleanliness of the mouth.

        • Sakura Flower Extract:

        Derived from cherry blossoms, sakura flower extract introduces a delicate and enticing flavor, enhancing the sensory experience of each chewable tablet.

          • Hydrated Silica

          A gentle abrasive agent that aids in the removal of surface stains, promoting teeth whitening without causing damage to the enamel.

          Sodium bicarbonate | Definition, Uses, & Formula | Britannica

            • Sodium Bicarbonate

            Its natural abrasive properties gently scrub away surface stains from the teeth, caused by foods, drinks, or smoking, without damaging the enamel. It reacts with water to create a mild alkaline solution that can help neutralize the acidic environment in the mouth, reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.


            Backed by Dental Professional

            Dr. Grace Cabauatan, DMD

            "As a dentist, I find the concept behind LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets both innovative and grounded in sound oral care principles. The use of key ingredients to effectively whiten teeth while maintaining oral health is commendable. These tablets offer a convenient and efficient way to address common dental concerns like stains and discoloration without compromising the enamel's integrity. I appreciate the thoughtful formulation that not only aims for aesthetic improvement but also promotes overall dental hygiene. Based on its merits, I recommend giving these tablets a try for those looking to enhance their smile safely and effectively."


            Jean Wallis shares his testimonials after using the LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets for one month.

            “After taking LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets for one week, I'm already pleased with the results. The Cherry Blossom flavor is pleasant, and I've seen a reduction in oral odor. By the second week, the Mint flavor has become a favorite, and the teeth-whitening benefits are noticeable, particularly on coffee stains. After four weeks, my teeth are noticeably whiter, and the probiotics appear to be improving general oral health. The foaming movement is consistently enjoyable, and the ease of carrying it in my backpack for on-the-go freshness makes it an indispensable part of my daily routine. LIMETOW™ is a refreshing alternative to standard toothpaste that has significantly improved my oral care experience.”


            How to Use:

            For Mouthwash Method:

            1. Chew 1-2 LIMETOW™ Tablets until they foam.
            2. Distribute the foam evenly in your mouth and let it act for 15-30 seconds.
            3. Spit out and enjoy instant freshness and cleaner teeth.
            4. Rinse with water for a complete clean.

            For Brushing Method:

            1. Chew 1-2 LIMETOW™ Tablets until foamy.
            2. Spread the foam across your mouth and teeth.
            3. Use a toothbrush for an enhanced cleaning.
            4. Spit out the foam, enjoying the fresh, clean feeling.
            5. Rinse thoroughly with water for a refreshed sensation.


            Product Specifications:

            • Net weight: 28.5g
            • Flavors: Mint/ Cherry Blossom

            Package include:

            • 1 bottle x LIMETOW™ Teeth Whitening Tablets
            • 30 Tablets per bottle
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