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Green Tea Foot Patch

Green Tea Foot Patch

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【All Natural Ingredients】: Foot Patches are made of natural extracts of plants extract(green tea),no irritation. it has benefited a wide range of people. For example - Cold feet, the foot swelling and pain, bad breath, constipation, computer IT workers.
【Improve Quality of Sleep】: The foot pad are made of non-woven,healthy and comfortable to use. This foot pad can help you to ensure a deep sleep, improves sleep quality, and lets you wake up feel refreshed.
【Relieves Stress】: This foot care pad is suitable for people who often feel tired, and it is very suitable for people who are under pressure. It is balanced by cleaning. Improve physical health. It helps to relax body, relieve joint and muscle tension and promote sleep.
【Remove Humidity】: Your body is full of impurities and metabolic waste products that can damage fluid circulation and increase stress levels. Foot Patch can help you to activate you and offer you a purification cure that purifies body! Clear moisture from the body.
【How to Use】: Attach foot pads before sleeping. Leave the pads on for 6-8 hours to help with joint pain, then remove the pads in the morning.As the body's long-term accumulation of moisture needs to be gradually discharged, the initial use of this product to be continuous application, at least adhere to the effect of two weeks better.
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