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GodDess™ Invisible Silicone Breast Patch

GodDess™ Invisible Silicone Breast Patch

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Unleash your confidence with our game-changing GodDess™ Invisible Silicone Breast Patch! Embrace the freedom of going bra-less while enjoying seamless coverage and support. Bid farewell to uncomfortable straps and hooks!


Check out customer feedback before our product launch!

Imogen Moore, USA

"I love the GodDess™ Invisible Silicone Breast Patch! I got these in limestone and they do not show through my white shirts like the other nude ones from other brands do. With my previous nipple and breast patches, I found myself having to play with different positions to keep the outline from showing through. This product is easy to work with! Also, when I take them off, it doesn’t itch around the area. Just make sure to carefully apply the edges, so they don't stick to the fabric. All in all, I’m pretty satisfied with the purchase."


Rebecca Campbell, UK

"Before I tried the GodDess™ Invisible Silicone Breast Patch, I used to be one of those women that no matter what blouse I was wearing, I would always wear a bra but not anymore!! These silicone patches are great and they really stick to your skin with NO pain afterwards. I wore these to a concert. I danced and jumped for 3 hours and they stayed in place. I felt super comfortable while wearing them because I knew they weren’t going to slip. I also like the nude color because it is a good match for my skin tone. If you’re one of those who are uncomfortable wearing bras, this one's for you!"


Scarlett Robertson

"If you hate wearing bras, I suggest you purchase the GodDess™ Invisible Silicone Breast Patch! Seriously, a friend told me about these, and they literally changed my life! I hate wearing a bra, and these silicone breast patches allow me to be comfortable all day. My bra was the first thing I took off when I got home from work. Now I don't have that discomfort all day anymore. I have tried so many different nipple and breast covers and they were really good but didn't stay on. Some of them even fell on the floor while I was in a public restroom. Thank God that never happened again with the GodDess™ Invisible Silicone Breast Patch. This product is perfect! Great colours and great fit!"


Product Features:

  • 5D ergonomics design for all breast sizes

The GodDess™ Invisible Silicone Breast Patch is designed to feel like you’re wearing nothing! Its 5D ergonomic design fits all breast sizes comfortably and provides a natural appearance. This reusable silicone breast patch blends seamlessly into the skin and forms your natural breast curve, providing coverage to your breasts and nipples without the bulkiness of traditional bras or fussy straps or hooks. It’s 8 centimeters wide, which is enough to cover most boob and nipple sizes.

  • Ultra-thin, lightweight & invisible

From blouses with plunging necklines to backless and strapless dresses, the GodDess™ Invisible Silicone Breast Patch lets you wear pretty much anything from your wardrobe! This ultra-thin breast patch with a micro edge is semi-transparent, leaving no visible marks even when wearing tight clothes. Plus, it comes in 5 different nude colours, including pale ivory, warm ivory, limestone, band, and almond, that match a variety of skin tones. You can choose a colour that comes close to your natural skin tone to create that seamless look, especially if you like wearing sheer shirts or dresses.

  • Breathable, waterproof & sweatproof

The GodDess™ Invisible Silicone Breast Patch is great to wear year-round, especially during summer. This self-adhesive breast patch and nipple sticker is breathable to prevent discomfort, waterproof to withstand moisture, and sweatproof to provide reliable performance during the summer season. The material adheres comfortably on the skin and stays put with all the sweating and heat. Its waterproof feature makes it perfect to wear underneath bikinis and one-piece swimsuits without worrying about a potential nip slip!

  • Sensitive skin-friendly adhesive

The breast and nipple patch uses a high-quality glue made from plant extracts, which is highly adhesive, safe for the skin, and environmentally friendly. The hypoallergenic silicone adhesive is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. It doesn’t cause allergic reactions or chafe and irritate the skin even after wearing the patch for hours on end.

  • 100% medical-grade silicone

Made from 100% medical-grade silicone, our Invisible Silicone Breast Patch undergoes rigorous testing for skin safety to ensure it meets the highest standard. Our product is also vegan and cruelty-free and suitable for all skin types and tones.




How to use:

  • Make sure the skin on your chest is clean and dry before wearing the patch.
  • Take out one GodDess™ Invisible Silicone Breast Patch and put it in the palm of your hand.
  • Bend over and stick the silicone patch to one breast.
  • Hold it for 10 seconds, press the edge, and let the nipple stick to the breast patch.
  • Repeat the process on the other breast.


Package includes:

  • 1 x GodDess™ Invisible Silicone Breast Patch (1pair) 
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