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GodDess™ Adhesive Invisible Breast Lifting Patch

GodDess™ Adhesive Invisible Breast Lifting Patch

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Say good-bye to sagging and hello to confidence with the GodDess™ Adhesive Invisible Breast Lifting Patch! Whether you’re attending a special event or going about your day, our breast lifting patch prevents drooping and keeps your breasts firm and perky throughout the day.


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Martina Soberano, USA

"I have used the GodDess™ Adhesive Invisible Breast Lifting Patch for several weddings and events. Once you get the hang of applying it, it can really make a huge difference. Once in your skin it does not budge, even through sweating and dancing. I had this on for 16 hours and they kept my chest area in place and lifted! And unlike similar products, this patch is quite easy to take off and doesn’t leave a glue residue on my skin that is tough to get off. Overall, this is a great purchase."


Petra Wosiak, UK

"The GodDess™ Adhesive Invisible Breast Lifting Patch is incredible! I put it on and it works well and stays in place for hours, even in the hot desert summer sun! Sometimes, it takes a little bit of effort to take off but that’s the case with almost all breast patches, except this product didn’t leave my skin red, angry, and irritated. I super appreciate that this breast lifting patch keeps sensitive skin safe, and it’s virtually undetectable under clothing!"


Product Features:

  • Breast lifting

Achieve a youthful, perky look without surgery or discomfort with our GodDess™ Adhesive Invisible Breast Lifting Patch! Available in four convenient sizes, it caters to your unique needs and breast shape. You can also choose from two elegant colors – apricot and black – to seamlessly blend with your attire.

  • Lightweight & invisible design

This anti-sagging breast lift patch provides featherweight support that won’t weigh you down or show through clothing. The discreet design is virtually invisible under any clothing, allowing you to wear your favorite outfits with confidence.

  • Breathable, waterproof & sweatproof

Our product is designed to adapt to your lifestyle. It is made with breathable materials that allow your skin to breathe, so you'll stay comfortable all day and night. You can go about your activities worry-free, as these patches are waterproof and sweatproof, ensuring they stay securely in place – never shifting or falling – even during your most active moments.

  • Sensitive skin-friendly

The GodDess™ Adhesive Invisible Breast Lifting Patch is crafted with care for all skin types. These silicone patches feature a hypoallergenic, natural adhesive that is gentle on sensitive skin. Experience worry-free wear with a lifting breast patch that stays put without causing chafing or irritation to your skin.


How to Use:

  • Simply place each GodDess™ Adhesive Invisible Breast Lifting Patch on your breasts then lift.
  • The patch will stick to your skin and hold your breast in place.

Package Includes:

  • 1 pair x GodDess™ Adhesive Invisible Breast Lifting Patch

Recommended Size:

  • Diameter 9cm: size S-M (AA-B cup)
  • Diameter 11cm: size L-XL (C-D cup)
  • Diameter 13cm: size XXL (E-F cup)
  • Diameter 15cm: size XXXL+ (G cup+)

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