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Ginger Foot Pads , Herbal Ginger Patch, Foot Patches for Swelling Feet and Better Sleep

Ginger Foot Pads , Herbal Ginger Patch, Foot Patches for Swelling Feet and Better Sleep

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➢ How do the ginger foot pads work ?--In foot reflexology, the feet are considered channels to many vital organs, unhealthy metalstraveled downwards in the body accumulating in the tips of our toes and ankles.accumulation lead to many degenerative diseases.Foot Patch Withdraw unnecessary elements and unhealthy metals from your body. Relief joint pain as well as muscle tension and promote healthy blood circulation. remove body chills, foot odor , improve skin and remove fatigue.
➢Foot Patch Natural Ingredients:Wood vinegar, Bamboo vinegar ,Ginger oil, Tourmaline and Vitamin C Preimum Plant Extract. true material , no additions,herbal essence .For 20 years,Carefully make high-quality foot patches,by extracting pure natural plants.when discovering bamboo vinegar and Ginger to create our very own new premium plant based foot pads!Ingredients carefully chosen for optimal health benefits with our exclusive ingredient combination.
➢How use ginger foot patch? Keep them in your bed table, so you don’t have to walk around once you put them on. Remove the packaging and place the pad on the central area of the bottom of your foot, and apply the attached strip over the pad to make sure that it stays in place. You can go to sleep, and keep ginger foot patch on overnight — only remove them in the morning. you should see the results by the color of the patches. Each patch is for single-use, so apply new ones every night
➢Ginger foot pads natural ingredients ginger powder and bamboo vinegar are known to help cleanse
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