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BodyBoost™ Men Slimming Vest Pro

BodyBoost™ Men Slimming Vest Pro

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Transform with BodyBoost™ Men Slimming Vest Pro: Instantly sculpt and slim, wear for consistent weight loss. Elevate your confidence today!


Witness the revolutionary fat reduction benefits of our BodyBoost™ Men Slimming Vest Pro through our satisfied customers' appearances!

Tina Chomsky, UK

"I got my husband a pair of this BodyBoost™ Men Slimming Vest Pro, and now he practically lives in them. He loves how it holds in his gut and back fat, and even his man boobs. He feels much better dressing up as it boosts his self-esteem! Also, it’s probably just my eyes playing tricks but he seems like he lost a bit of weight. I think this is also working as a fat-burning aid. Definitely buying more in different colours."


Raf Miller, USA

"I ordered BodyBoost™ Men Slimming Vest Pro in medium. I typically wear large, but when I first put it on I was surprised that it had a slight slimming effect. After wearing it for a few weeks the fabric didn’t loosen, unlike other garments. This shaper really did what it advertised. It makes me look more sculpted and fit, and the fabric is pretty comfortable. It fits like a very tight shirt that still allows movement. It also hides and reduces my gynecomastia, which is really all I wanted it for."


The Science Behind Men’s Chest Fat 

Excess fat accumulation in various areas of the body is a common concern for many individuals, and men are no exception. One particular area that is often a cause of insecurity or self-consciousness is the chest region.

Chest fat or “man boobs” are mainly caused by hormonal changes or fluctuations. Men’s primary sex hormone is testosterone, which helps regulate fat distribution and prevent breast tissue from expanding.

When testosterone levels decrease, the balance between fat storage and muscle mass shifts, potentially leading to gynecomastia or enlarged breasts in men. Low testosterone level can occur with age or underlying medical conditions.

Other potential causes of gynecomastia include: Genetics, Diet & lifestyle, Increase in estrogen (female hormone) level, Certain medications etc.

The Benefits of Far Infrared & Tourmaline Technologies

Tourmaline, a mineral renowned for its health advantages, encompasses detoxification and immune system enhancement. Its notable property is the emission of far infrared (FIR), which profoundly influences blood circulation and weight management.

Far Infrared, a form of electromagnetic radiation, deeply penetrates the skin and elevates body temperature. This intensification in warmth augments blood flow and amplifies metabolic activity. Consequently, fat mobilization and calorie expenditure are heightened, potentially fostering fat reduction.

The amalgamation of tourmaline and far infrared technologies holds intrinsic merit for fat metabolism. Far Infrared's capability to stimulate bodily processes on a cellular level, combined with tourmaline's complementary health perks, serves as a synergistic approach to fostering natural fat reduction, thereby supporting overall wellness.

Why BodyBoost™ Men Slimming Vest Pro

The BodyBoost™ Men Slimming Vest Pro is designed to instantly flatten your belly and chest fat, while improving circulation and fat burning.

The high-quality, stretchable fabric shapes and forms the abdomen and chest, instantly hiding your “beer belly” and “man boobs”. Aside from its slimming effect, this highly elastic shaper prevents fat cells from building up and helps you lose weight with each wear.

The BodyBoost™ Men Slimming Vest Pro’s fabric material features tourmaline technology that generates far infrared, which then increases circulation and burns fatty tissues. You’ll get the benefits of compression support and weight loss aid in one garment!

This sleeveless body-sculpting vest for men is also designed with breathable comfort in mind, making it perfect for everyday wear.


Signature Product Benefits:

  • Provides instant body shaping and slimming effect
  • Conceals belly and chest fat and prevent fat cells from building up
  • Reduces fatty tissues
  • Made with breathable, highly elastic fabric
  • Suitable for daily wear

User shares his amazing body slimming results after wearing the BodyBoost™ Men Slimming Vest Pro for two months.

Week 1: 

I am  6 feet tall and weigh around 190lb with a beer belly. I’ve been wearing  the BodyBoost™ Men Slimming Vest Pro for a week and unlike other body-fitting shirts, this isn’t a pain to get on. The shirt is comfortable, no doubt. It gives both a good stretch and sculpt, as well as a slight instant slimming effect.

Week 4:

I think this shirt helps a little bit with belly size. I’ve been wearing this under my t-shirts everyday for the past month and I’ve been look thinner than usual.

Week 8:

I went from 190 to 180 lbs. I didn’t change anything in my diet or exercise routine. The BodyBoost™ Men Slimming Vest Pro has been doing all the work. Try it! It does what it promises it would without compromising comfort. 


Product Specifications:

  • Main fabric composition: Nylon
  • Sizes: S (85-115 lbs); M (115-145 lbs); L (145-175 lbs); XL (175-210 lbs); XXL (210-250 lbs)
  • Color: Black, White

Package includes:

  • 1 x BodyBoost™ Men Slimming Vest Pro 
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