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BeautyMAX™ Magic Stroke Brow Brush

BeautyMAX™ Magic Stroke Brow Brush

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The BeautyMAX™ Magic Stroke Brow Brush lets you achieve brow perfection in just a few strokes! With this high-quality brush, you can explore a variety of brow looks that even a makeup novice can create.

  • Well-groomed, natural-looking eyebrows within seconds - The BeautyMAX™ Magic Stroke Brow Brush is woven with custom bristles that offer a perfect consistency, even a beginner can do it. You can easily brush through brows to create a precise outline or fill your foggy eyebrows with soft coloring and hair strokes that look perfectly natural.

  • Perfect control and precise application - This eyebrow brush is made with a solid wood brush holder that gives you control for creating accurate strokes, so you can shape and define your brows with ease. This angled brush deposits just enough tint to draw and create a naturally fuller and perfectly shaped arches.

  • Versatile makeup tool - Aside from grooming and shaping thin or foggy brows, this brush can also be used to draw on thinning hairline.
  • Vegan & cruelty-free


How to use:

  • Mix your favorite brow pomade with Inglot Duraline.
  • Apply only on tips of the angled edge of the BeautyMAX™ Magic Stroke Brow Brush.
  • Draw and create perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Package includes:

  • 1 x BeautyMAX™ Magic Stroke Brow Brush


User’s Review:

Abby Matthews, USA

I have purchased so many eyebrow brushes and none of them have the stiffness and precision that I want and need to draw hair strokes. Hundreds of dollars later, I can finally say I found THE ONE. The BeautyMAX™ Magic Stroke Brow Brush is just perfect! If you have very sparse eyebrows and need to add detail, this is absolutely for you!


Rachel Barker, UK

I’ve gone through so many eyebrow brushes and I have never found one that I loved. They all lose shape or are too small or just not good in general. The BeautyMAX™ Magic Stroke Brow Brush, however, is amazing. It’s bigger than most. Its custom bristles and angled brush are precise. It holds my eyebrow pomade amazingly. I’ll definitely suggest this brush to anyone who fills in their brows. I personally love it!


Mia Lowe, AU

I have very thin, almost non-existent eyebrows, and I found the perfect solution with the BeautyMAX™ Magic Stroke Brow Brush. This lets me easily draw naturally-looking hair strokes, and the brush is so easy to control and comfortable to hold. Also, I know they say eyeliner brush, but I also use this for contouring makeup applications. Such a breeze to use!

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